Stake $ASTR To Paras & Get Rewards!

The longer you stake, the higher your chance to win airdrops & raffles! Bonus staking points booster for Usagii holder 🔥

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Only users who have staked $ASTR to Paras are displayed on this leaderboard. Click here for the tutorial on how to stake $ASTR to Paras.


Your staking points is 50% of your total staking amount. The more $ASTR you stake, the higher your staking points.

(50% x Your Total Staking Amount) x (Time Passed In Seconds)/(1 Year In Seconds)

The longer you hold your $ASTR, the higher your staking points.

The longer $ASTR staking period, the higher your staking points, the higher probability to win airdrops & raffles.

If you top up, withdraw, or transfer your staked $ASTR, the staking points will restart from 0 and it will start counting again based on your new staking amount. The total points will be an accumulation of your previous total points (before the top-up/withdrawal/transfer) and your on going staking points.

If you withdraw or transfer all of your staked $ASTR, you will lost all of your points.

Special booster for USAGII holders:

Your staking points will be boosted according to the total USAGII NFT you hold.1. < 3 NFT: 1.5x booster2. >= 3 NFT: 2.5x boosterGet your USAGII here.

Stake $ASTR To Paras & Get Rewards!


  • Stake your $ASTR to Paras dApp Staking.

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